Coming from a family from artist's and from a warm country like Peru, I learned drawing and painting from childhood . My father Arnoldo Rivera was a bussines man and traveled a lot showing us the ocean , the mountain and the jungle from Peru, many colors, many skins and many dresses to learn for me.


My mother Silvia de Rivera, plays the piano , does hatta yoga and meditation , she tought me to get in contact with my spirit and to have sensitivity.


For the living I studied electronic engineering , and for my pleasure I studied graphic design.


In 1990 the duch boat builder and designer married me and brought me to the Netherlands.

He encouraged me to keep on painting , and so I did , studying all techniques by different teachers and institutes like Pieter Breugel and Liseth Visser.


My family and me have a spiritual Master, Sant Rajinder Singh, and he is leading me to spiritual or divine painting.